High Security Produce

High Security Produce

We only work with the leading manufacturers in the market, including Schlage, Medeco, Baldwin, Kwikset, Mul-t-lock, Yale, Corbin Russwin, Von Duprin, Arrow, Falcon and more. Our qualified technicians constantly undergo training to learn about changes in the security market.

Advanced security services

We guarantee you to provide the safest and most reliable locks in terms of security. We put our best efforts to offer the latest, advanced and robust locking solutions to your residential, commercial and automotive arenas. And the best part is that you don’t need to worry about the installation, maintenance and repairing. All these will be done by our technicians. Our technicians are highly experienced and possess depth-in knowledge about different locking systems. For handling such high quality locking systems , special training has been provided to the technicians to render the best professional services. All of them are professionally trained and are familiar with the usage of special and trendy locksmiths tools and techniques. We focus on rendering the efficient, ethical and high quality services as well as resolving all other locking issues.

We don’t care about the time. We don’t care about the place. What we actually care for is our customers and their issues. We believe in serving our clients with utmost care and engage on providing them full satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our core mantra. We are committed to serve you anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Moreover, in this context, our technicians are adding more points by serving high quality and well-organized services. They are passionate about their work and possess the ability to work on high traffic locks, panic bars, exit devices and so on for business places, schools, hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, condominiums, any commercial premises or buildings, etc. They hold excellent expertise in the installation and repairing of deadbolt locks, cabinet locks, door closers, electric strikes, store front locks, Intercom system, CCTV, biometric locks, digital locks, and a lot more. We are also well known for our duplicate key making, key remaking, master key making, key replacement, key fobbing, etc. types of services for office cabinets locks, desk keys, equipment keys, office manual and digital locking solutions, entry for recovery under the vehicle, vehicle open-ups, padlocks, hitch locks, and various numerous other requirements. You can get easy approach or access to us in a lenient, convenient, fast and affordable manner. Our technicians team are the base of our success. The responsive behavior, active communication and 24 hours locksmith services are enough to create a robust goodwill of the business and appeals our customers the most. In addition to this, the services are provided both through a scheduled appointment and on emergent basis.

We also ensure security and safety in providing opening, service and lock installation service along with combination changes for the following :

  • Cash safe service
  • Fire safe service
  • Wall safe service
  • Window safe service
  • Floor safe service
  • Gun safe service
  • Burglary safe service
  • Keyless entries

And a lot more.
We are dedicated towards our work and believe in embracing our clients with the best possible services to meet the requirements or solve the issues regarding residential, commercial, industrial and vehicular security demands. Thus, when we get involved in dealing with the locking systems, most of the problems are solved without causing any damage to the locking system and restore the quality of your products and assets consuming minimum time and expenses.

Residential advanced locking system

We offer varieties of residential locking system that are highly strong , advanced and impossible to access through the third person. Apart from different types of deadbolt locks, padlock

  • Smart locks operated by smartphones
  • Fingerprint locks
  • Voice locks
  • Wireless locks (like Wi-Fi locks, Bluetooth locks ,etc.)
  • Touch locks
  • PIN code locks
  • Electronic digital locks
  • Wall mounted locks
  • Cam-locks

And many more .

Commercial advanced locking system

When it comes to commercial sectors like corporate offices, MNC buildings, hospitals be ,retail stores theatres, malls ,hotels, and so on, highly secured and sensitive locks are required. The involved accessories include:

  • CCTV installation , maintenance and repairing
  • Push button locks
  • Remote operated locks
  • Keyless entries
  • Digital coded entries
  • Exit devices
  • Panic bars
  • Sensitive alarm system
  • High traffic locks
  • Emergency exit doors
  • Fire escape devices
  • Hydraulic and concealed doors
  • Front building locks
  • Advanced safe locks
  • Advanced window locks

And a lot more.

Industrial advanced locking system

Industrial sectors require robust locking system as these are more prone to theft. Let’s introduce to some advanced industrial locking articles:

  • Digital shutter locks
  • Straight shackle, closed shackle, open shackle, etc. types of padlocks
  • Sliding coded operating system
  • Advanced mortise locks
  • Remote operated gate entries and exits
  • Wireless entries

And a lot more.


Vehicular advanced locking system

With advanced world, we need something that eases our work and makes everything handled by our fingers, or voice, or something more trendy and amazing. For that, we are introducing:

  • Remote operated windows and doors
  • TSA approved padlocks
  • Smart locks
  • Wireless locks
  • Coded locks
  • Voice locks

And various other innumerable options.

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